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Smitten Designs Studio – spreading the “Smitten” feeling throughout the state!

About Smitten Designs Studio

Smitten with The Mitten State isn’t just our brand, its a lifestyle and our belief! Its the feeling of being “Smitten” with our beautiful Mitten State, including the majestic U.P. This feeling is the inspiration behind all of our designs and products. Based in downtown Boyne City, MI we are spreading the “Smitten” feeling throughout the state, across the country and around the world. Join us in celebrating our pride for our hometown and spreading the love in being Smitten with The Mitten State.

We design and create Michigan inspired products using only the finest materials. Our designs are made in my studio in Boyne City Michigan. Our designs express the love we have for The Mitten Sate and reflect the life you live.

Remember… Be Happy, Be Smitten, Be You!

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Michigan Inspired Jewelry, Apparel and Cottage Decor

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