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The Old White House – Jewelry  pendants, and re-purposed art jewelryAbout  The Old White House

I am also an artist, so you will also be able to find my soldered pendants, and repurposed art jewelry, each piece made with a passion for all things old and an attention to detail.  I tend to gravitate toward vintage items that I’m sure just need a new life breathed into them, while also making them one of a kind pieces.  My jewelry is made with one or all of the following… reclaimed vintage pieces, semiprecious stones, handcrafted soldered pendants, and pendants encased with jewelers resin. all handcrafted and designed by me.

If you happen to attend a market or show where we vend, you will see that our booth has a vintage flair to it, filled with with the amazing scent of lavender products packaged in white cotton bags, and jars with vintage graphics that draw people in.  The display is part of the fun of doing shows for me, for the jewelry display I use old, tossed aside books, suitcases, and props of all kinds to give the booth a special look all it’s own. The two fit so seamlessly, that the booth looks like a small boutique.   Our goal is to create a shopping experience where buying something as simple as a healthy, natural cleaning product makes the customer feel as if they have treated themselves to a luxury.

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