Fessler’s Original Sauce – “Once You Try It, You’ll Be Hooked!”



“Once You Try It, You’ll Be Hooked!”

A Sweet and Tangy Sauce that tastes great on baked or fried fish & fries. Seafood of all varieties is enhanced by this great tasting sauce. Dip your fried Shrimp and Soft Shell Crab in it. Use it with your Stone Crab Claws and Clams. You’ll be glad you did! Walleye is just fantastic with our sauce poured on a thick fillet. (Quite honestly we think Walleye is fabulous anyway, but up the ante!) Other fish, such as Salmon, Smelt, Bluegill, Bass and Perch (we could go on and on) would be happy to end up smothered or dipped in our sauce. Accompany your catch with some crispy fries, maybe some coleslaw, and you just brought your dish to the next level…Perfection!Don’t Just Use this Sauce on Fish and Seafood…

Enjoy it on hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, pork and chicken. Pasties, an Upper Michigan tradition are just delicious with our sauce. Let your imagination run wild…our does!

Fessler’s Original Sauce – History
Since the early 1920’s, Fessler’s Original Sauce has been enjoyed by fish and seafood lovers throughout Michigan. Fisherman would bring their fresh catch to the small tavern located on the shores of Lake Ponemah.

Their catch would be prepared, served with fries, slaw and the “Fish Sauce.” Now you can experience this taste sensation that others have come to love.

Try it on burgers, fries, chicken, veggies and more. Fry, bake or grill your favorite fish tonight…but don’t forget the Fessler’s Original Sauce!

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