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Edit™ – De-Sugared Juice with fresh fruit nutrients with no preservatives and only 5 ingredients

About  Edit™  De-Sugared Juice

Edit™ is the first “sugar-reduced” 100% fruit juice, with just one gram of sugar per serving. We’ve found a way to safely remove more than 90% of the naturally occurring sugars from 100% fruit juice — that means less worry about unwanted sugar in your diet. Refresh, refuel and rebuild with Edit™ De-Sugared™ 100% Fruit Juices.

To meet our high standards of freshness and quality, Edit juice is harvested from the rolling orchards of Michigan, with its rich soil and diverse varieties. Michigan grows the most tart cherries and blueberries in the country, and is the third largest grower of apples and grapes. Edit Juice is made in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, recognized as the “Cherry Capital of the World.”

Edit™ uses all natural Stevia and only natural flavors. It has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners or colors, no preservatives and it is gluten-free. There are no known allergens, either.
We make tart cherry, grape and apple juices with just one gram of sugar per bottle.
$3.99 to $4.99/bottle or $23.94 to $29.94/6-pack.

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