Dr. Wrunaka’s skin care products


Dr. Wrunaka’s skin care products.

About Dr. Wrunaka

This business is a handmade skin care company.  We only use the finest natural ingredients.  We don’t use any petroleum or fillers.  This company is owned and all products are researched and developed by Dr. Webster.  Dr. Webster is a podiatric physician with over 20 years of experience in research and clinical applications.
Dr. Wrunaka’s is the name of the skin care products.  There are two types pure butter and extreme.  The pure butter will improve the hydration and appearance of dry skin.  It has shea, cocoa, aloe, pumpkin, avocado butters and much more.
The extreme improves the appearance of more severe skin conditions such as eczema, stasis dermatitis and other issues.  It contains the butters of the pure but also contains lavender, peppermint, tamanu, oregano and othe essential oils.
It does contain tree nuts.
Extreme is $25 + shipping  Pure Butter is 15 + shipping

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