Brewt’s Bloody Mary


Brewt’s Bloody Mary is a 100% all natural

About Brewt’s Bloody Mary

Brewt’s Bloody Mary is a 100% all natural, gluten free, and no sugar added bloody mary mix with enough kick to keep you warm during the mid west winters but light enough to keep you on your feet during the west coast summers.

Brewt’s Bloody Mary is hand crafted (hand pickled  jalapenos, fresh grated horseradish, hand squeezed  lemons and limes, and fresh cracked black peppercorn) and bottled in Grand Rapids, MI, the birthplace of Brewtus. Enough flavor to completely satisfy your palate but light enough where you don’t feel like having another is too much.

Featured Product:

32 oz bottle of Bloody Mary Mix. Important to shake well before serving. Before opening the product has a two year shelf life, after opening it can live in the fridge for six months or longer! Featured on the front is my 10 year old Chihuahua, Brewtus.

Price Range:

$12.99 Retail

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